Welcome to my artworks portfolio!

Artist Identity

As anyone who has ever created anything will attest to, it’s a real joy to translate the creative flow into tangible works. Aquarel, my favorite medium, is the focal point for the broad scope of decorative themes offered here.


Taking artistry off the wall and onto fun, practical and fashionable pieces, with a focus on originality and zero waste. No mass production, no excess inventory, making for truly one of a kind and original apparel.


With a focus on zero waste, quality and originality, everything is brought to life only on demand and by production partners who implement sustainability policies and a respectful workplace for everyone involved.

Dare to contemplate the ecological footprint and energetic signature of your garments!

Wearable Watercolors

Go for genuine originality with Wearable Watercolors! Indie artistry set on an array of elegant apparel and accessories, from comfy mid-range apparel to high-end luxe Nappa duffels. Easy-to-wear kimonos, relaxed fit loungewear, fun and practical canvas(!) bags,... all decorated with the finest watercolor elements.

The production partners behind the shoppe's selection have been carefully chosen. It was very important that our items were carefully constructed with durable quality in mind and with a focus on handmade slow fashion through On Demand Manufacturing.

About Me

Creating art has been my favourite passtime ever since I was little. It was a form of meditation that could consume me completely, drawing me out of reality and into that timeless, transcendent state of flow.
For the longest time, I sacrificed that innate talent for the demands of "the real world", settling for the occasional extra income through my artistic hobby while committing my time and energy to more professionally conventional paths.
Summer of 2021 finally brought about that long overdue and much needed change in direction! In this early stage, my focus remains on the growth of the wearables assortment, but there are lots of ideas to be explored!


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